Company Profile (International)


Company Name hibino intersound corporation
(Mr.) Osamu Oizuru
Establishment May 1985
Capital 40million yen
Stockholder Hibino Corporation(100%)
Location 2-7-70 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022, Japan
 TEL:+81-3-5419-1560, FAX:+81-3-5419-1563
Affiliated banks Mizuho Bank, Bank of Yokohama, Johnan Shinkin Bank
Overview 1.) Distributions and sales of musical equipments
2.) Distributions and sales of computer equipments
3.) Distributions, sales, and system consulting of visual equipments
4.) Consulting services for designs, installations, sound proof constructions and general constructions for recording/ broadcast related studios.
Import brands Bryston (Canada) -Amplifiers and CD players
CALREC (England) -Mixing Consoles
CAMCO (Germany)- Power Amplifiers
CODA AUDIO(Germany) - Speakers
DiGiCo (England) -Mixing Consoles
DIS(Denmark) - Digital Conference Systems
DPA Microphones (Denmark) -Microphones
Gefen (USA) -Visual and computer peripherals
KAKASHI Professional Stands(Japan)- Stand/Boom
KLANG:technologies (Germany)- 3D In-ear mixing
LEA Professional (USA) - Power Amplifiers
MUTEC(Germany) -Clock Generators
Shure (USA) -Microphones, Wireless Systems
TRIAD ORBIT(USA) - Stand systems
TUBE-TECH (Denmark) -Tube type effecters
tvONE(England) -Video Wall Processors

1985 May: Established HEAVY MOON, Inc. at Nishi-azabu, Minato Tokyo
Began rental business of recording and audio equipments
1988 January: Became exclusive distributor of TUBE-TECH (Lydkraft, Inc. from Denmark)
Began imported goods sales division.
1994 April: Became exclusive distributor of DK-Technologies A/S (from Denmark)
1995 February: Moved office to Aobadai, Meguro Tokyo
1997 March: Became exclusive distributor of PMC, Inc. (from UK)
Started business at HiFi market.
1999 December: Became distributor of Gefen, Inc. (from USA)
2000 October: Became exclusive distributor of DPA microphones (from Denmark)
2001 June: Became exclusive distributor of Bryston, Inc. (from Canada)
Moved office to Shimouma, Setagaya Tokyo
2002 August: Started business in visual related equipments
2002 October: Became exclusive distributor of LYNX Technik AG (from Germany)
2004 May: Established Osaka division
2006 March: Moved office to Ikejiri Setagaya Tokyo
2007 December: Became 100% stocks owned subsidiary of Hibino corporation
2008 December: Moved office to Konan Minato-ku Tokyo
2009 January: Changed company name to 'Hibino Intersound Corporation' .
Became exclusive distributor of Calrec Audio Ltd.(from UK), DiGiCo UK Ltd. (from UK), MUTEC GmbH (from Germany) and Rane Corporation(from USA), and distributor of Belden Inc.(from USA), Shure Inc.(from USA)
2010 June: Became distributor of iBasso Audio (from China).
2010 October Became exclusive distributor of CODA AUDIO(from Germany).
2013 October Became exclusive distributor of DIS(from Denmark).
2016 June Became exclusive distributor of tvONE(from England).
2017 January Became exclusive distributor of TRIAD ORBIT(from USA).
2019 April Became exclusive distributor of KLANG:technologies(from Germany).
2019 December Launched KAKASHI Professional Stands.
2020 June Became exclusive distributor of LEA Professional(from USA).
2020 September Moved office to Kaigan Minato-ku Tokyo